Cortland Finnegan’s Job Was Done in Tennessee


When you play professional football in Nashville it comes with a checklist of responsibilities: 

-Declare your love for a female country music star
-Make an appearance on Country Music Television

Looks like former Titans CB Cortland Finnegan checked those both off the list before bolting to sign with the Rams. 

Even more impressive was that Finnegan was able to knock them out at the same time when he starred in CMT’s version of “Cribs”…while wearing a homemade “I (heart) Jennifer Nettles” shirt, who according to Google is the front woman for the group Sugarland. His shirt served as the perfect fashion accessory to his football pants and army boots (click for the video):

We’re still investigating whether Finnegan’s Cribs episode was before or after the one that featured fiddler extraordinaire Charlie Daniels and a country music singer named Dierks, but clearly CMT did their research and confirmed that people love all of them. 

No doubt the country music world will mourn the defection of Finnegan to St. Louis.


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