Did Rams Fans Shut Down Fake Robert Quinn on Twitter?


When the Rams called the name Robert Quinn with the 14th pick of last night’s draft, a guy pretending to be the same Robert Quinn wasted no time hopping on his fake Twitter account and letting Rams fans know that he is pumped that the guy he is pretending to be just joined the squad… 

And while the majority of the feedback on the actual pick was positive – both local and nationwide – if fake Robert Quinn gave in to his curiosity and typed in a quick search on the person he is impersonating, it was inevitable that he bumped into some of the negative fringe that exist with virtually all professional sports teams. 

A quick sampling of the critics demonstrated their ability to find ammunition that included his suspension last year for acquiring some free jewelry, the fact that he went to USC even though he didn’t, Quinn’s benign brain tumor and a just a few good old fashioned curse words… 

Maybe that’s explains why, by this morning, Robert Quinn’s fake Twitter account had already been shut down.  We’re starting to feel like an isolated segment of St. Louis fans might not have made a positive impression on the guy pretending to be Robert Quinn.  And we really have no idea how we’re supposed to feel about that. 

We need to go vent on our fake Facebook page.


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