Don’t Worry St. Louis, Eric Crouch is Alive and Well [RAMS]


Earlier this week, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush relinquished his 2005 Heisman Trophy due to USC recruiting violations and allegations.  Frankly, we see this whole thing as a non-issue since he’s been with Kim Kardashian.  Suddenly, a little bronze football statue seems irrelevant when you consider that voluptuousness.

Anyway, that hasn’t stopped every media pundit across the country from weighing in on the topic – including USA Today on Thursday.

There was nothing particularly shocking about the column itself.

Sad day…sanctity of the trophy…Reggie is just a bi-product of collegiate mistrust…blah blah blah.  However, to put stamp on this particular entry’s tone, columnist David Leon Moore decided to conclude with a notable quote.

And when you want notable, you consult Eric Crouch, dammit.

You know, the Eric Crouch that won the Heisman in 2001 as a QB at Nebraska?  Yes, the Eric Crouch that was drafted in third round of the 2002 NFL Draft by the Mike Martz and the Rams as a wide receiver, since every expert and idiot knew that he would tank as a quarterback in the NFL.

And yes, that Eric Crouch that left the Rams in the 2002 Training Camp before ever playing a game.

We don’t disagree with Eric Crouch’s insightful take on the situation, though.  He’s right; it probably *is* a sad day for him.  His football legacy is built around the Heisman Trophy….and not, well, Kim Kardashian.  And a Super Bowl ring.  But really, it’s more about Kardashian.

Just thought we would let our fine St. Louis readers know that he’s alive and well.


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