eBay: Get Your First Piece of Sam Bradford Rams Memorabilia!! Well, maybe.


Hey Rams fans, you can buy your very first piece of Sam Bradford memorabilia TODAY!!!

Sure, the Rams haven’t “officially” drafted him, yet.  And sure, $49.95 (plus shipping) seems a bit high for a ticket stub that doesn’t even exist, yet (i.e., Rams haven’t printed/distributed 2010 tickets).

But come on, show your spirit.

Careful though, bidders.  There are some caveats.

This from the item’s description:

You are bidding on a ticket stub from the St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals in week 1 of the NFL regular season on 9-12-2010 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.  The stub with be in near mint condition.  There will not be a refund if Sam Bradford does not play in this game.  I find it hard to believe the Rams would draft him and not play him.

“Near mint condition”?  The ticket doesn’t even exist yet, but when it does, the seller isn’t even guaranteeing that he’ll be able to deliver it without a few dings?  Deadbeat.

And, “I find it hard to believe the Rams would draft him and not play him.”?

Obviously, the seller hasn’t seen this.

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