ESPN “Experts” Probably Not Thrilled About The 49ers


With a quarter of the 2010 season already gone, it’s not too early to take a look back at some of the “experts’” attempts to predict what would happen in the trainwreck that is the NFC West. 

We’ll concede that it’s tough to criticize anyone trying to project how the NFC West would unfold before the season started considering that:

-the Cardinals’ franchise QB is now salsa dancing on TV

-the Rams haven’t won a division game since November 2007

-the Seahawks rebuilt by bringing in a coach who has been mediocre over two stints in the NFL

-the 49ers are building around the 2005 #1 pick at QB who has had minimal success over his four-year career.

With all those variables, the last thing that anyone would have seen coming was a consensus pick.  ESPN’s experts once again defied expectations…

Whenever one believes that a reason to rip on ESPN is unlikely, they never fail to step up and deliver.  Fantasy guru, Matthew Berry even had them heading to the NFC championship game.

If they believe all of their credibility is at stake by the horrific 0-4 start for the 49ers, all 16 of them may be pulling hard for the Mike Singletary’s bunch the remainder of the season.


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