Fan Sports Limited Edition BRADFORD Duct Tape Jersey


The Sam Bradford era officially began in St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.

While the Rams first-round draft pick certainly has the smiling face and bubbly attitude that is tailor-made for the organization’s marketing material, most fans in St. Louis maintain a “wait and see” mentality towards Bradford’s stardom on the field.  Hey, after all, it’s the “Show Me State”.

Thus, not every one is running out buying BRADFORD #8 jerseys.  Not yet, anyway.

Case in point…

(Photo hat tip: @athooks from

Our rules for personalized fan jerseys are quite strict at times, but there’s some semblance of intrigue in the threads pictured above.   Extremely cheap?  Of course.  Extremely agile?  Definitely.  Duct tape and Sharpie markers know no bounds.

Furthermore, given the Rams dreadful history with first-round picks over the past 10 years, can you blame the reluctance to spring a few hundred bucks on a real jersey?

Side Note: This is the first “home-made personalized” jersey we’ve seen at the Edward Jones Dome.  To wit, let us not forget the one we saw earlier this year at Busch Stadium.  Perhaps this is a new trend developing across St. Louis.


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