February 2010: The damn Rams are making St. Louis “miserable”


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February 2010

In early February, Forbes.com threw together a list of the “Most Miserable Cities in America”.

St. Louis came in at #7, which feels a little low.  Sure, we have random acts of violence nearly every hour, but let’s be serious here.  There are more than seven cities in Utah that suck far worse than the Gateway City.  When it comes down to it, random acts of violence is way better than no electricity and a bunch of Mormons.

Ah yes, our football team is what makes St. Louis miserable.

The standard factors such as unemployment, taxes, political corruptness, weather, pollution and of course, random acts of violence, didn’t land St. Louis on the list.  No, sir.  But the Rams provided enough reason to land St. Louis in the Top 10.

Well, wipe that egg off your face, Forbes.

Clearly, the Rams used this column as motivation this season.  We demand to be moved out of the Top 10 in 2011′s list.  And please, send some reporters to Utah.  It’s terrible.



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