Former Heisman-Winning Rams Flunkie Making Another Comeback?


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never watched a United Football League game. And as a result, you’ve probably never heard of a team called the Omaha Nighthawks.  But with the NFL still stumbling through labor troubles , it’s not out of the realm that the UFL might pick up some steam, score a few big names and at least put a small dot on the sporting map.

Even with the chances being remote, teams like the Nighthawks are doing their best to put together solid football teams that can compete at a level high enough that they can deflect the standard “minor league” insults heaved by NFL owners/fans/players.  They don’t want to be a sideshow, just ask the Nighthawks GM…

So why is this relevant?  Well, let’s just say that one player Rams fans might be familiar with just ruined that goal of not becoming a side show…

Eric Crouch wants to play football again.  According to our unofficial chart, we’re showing this as the 312th attempted comeback for the former Nebraska quarterback.  Considering he played zero games for the Rams after they drafted him 95th overall in 2002, it’s amazing how seeing his name can still make one chuckle at how big of a mess his experiment turned out to be.

That year, the Rams brass bungled the draft worse than ever before by plucking names like Robert Thomas, Travis Fisher, Lamar Gordon, Travis Scott, Courtland Bullard and Steve Bellisari.  The only pick to play a game in 2010 was Chris Massey, otherwise known as the 243rd pick out of 261 total.

And yet, Crouch remains the only one of the bunch who can announce a potential comeback in a league that’s a notch above Arena football and still perk up the ears of some Rams fans.

I suppose that applies to every Heisman-winning quarterback who was drafted way too early so he could be converted to a position he had never played and then got pissed and quit during training camp.

Seen it a thousand times.


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