How They See It: International Edition


The idea behind How They See It is to take a look at how St. Louis area sports issues are playing out in national media circles.

But the Rams recent face-off across the pond with the New England Patriots allows us to broaden our horizons even further and get an international perspective. I know, exciting stuff.

The game preview articles provided the starkest contrast in coverage among the various newspaper outlets reporting on the game. Which makes this post more about how they saw it…coming in to Sunday’s showdown at Wembley Stadium.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch played it pretty straight up, focusing on the unique opportunity to travel abroad, play in front of a different crowd, see some sights (look James LaurinaitisBig Ben, Parliament!).

The Boston Herald actually paid a considerable amount of respect to the Rams, specifically, its (at the time) 10th-ranked defense.

But I think the London Times provided the best insight. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. Decide for yourself.

Congratulations NFL. Your foray into international markets has paid off. Seems the Brits know a lot more about American football than anyone might have guessed.

But the London Times didn’t get everything right. See this glowing article on the Rams’ defensive line, part of a unit that later yielded a mere 45 points to Tom Brady and the Pats’ offense.

Despite the occassional oversight, at least one other St. Louis resident apparently knows the value of the London Times NFL coverage.

And with that, “Fearsome Foursome” becomes “Fearful Foursome.” Zing.


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