The St. Louis Rams release a Jeff Fisher mustache iPhone app


You have to appreciate what the Rams are doing. Namely, building an sustainable infrastructure around their business and marketing strategies while their on-field product undergoes a similar restoration. By and large, these evolutions don’t usually happen simultaneously.

An organization can have an apathetic marketing strategy, but deliver a quality product on the field. And visa versa. Recently, the Rams haven’t been successful in either domain.

Case in point:

  • A 15-65 record over the past five seasons
  • This video.

The latter yielded this (tremendous) parody video, so we’re not complaining too much about it, but needless to say, the combination of on-field and off-field strategy hasn’t been pretty in recent years.

While fans will be able to judge the on-field transformation over the next few seasons, the Rams revamped marketing strategy is something fans can digest immediately. And its as nearly as thick and lustrous as new coach Jeff Fisher’s nose beard. In fact, the two depend on each other. At least, in the short term.

The Rams have embraced the public’s infatuation with their honcho’s lip sweater and will distribute fake Fisher ‘staches to wear at the Week Two home opener against Washington in St. Louis. Rightfully so, the local and national media have fawned over this announcement for the past few weeks.

Today, the Rams add another asset to their marketing portfolio: an iPhone app that allows users to digitally add a Jeff Fisher mustache to any photo.

The app is free and available today in the Apple App Store. And really, who wouldn’t want to stamp a Jeff Fisher mustachio on a 10-month old baby?

In the whole scheme of things, the app won’t help the Rams protect Sam Bradford or defend against the run. Then again, neither will fake mustaches or any other promotion at the Edward Jones Dome. But it’s nice to see the Rams paying close attention to their brand and how the fans embrace it and enjoy it.

A marketing message that is professional but engaging is a way for St. Louis to feel good about the organization again in the short-term, without immediate success on the football field. They’re having fun again, being creative and making it a priority that fans are too. That’s about all we can ask for at this point.

Oh, and maybe a few wins. Just a few.

Download the app


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