JSF Inbox: The Rams Skullet


When Twitter compadre @Dathan7 made a suggestion this week that perhaps we should write a book based solely on intriguing items that come rolling into the JoeSportsFan inbox, our first thought was: that’s silly, people don’t read books these days do they?

Then once that thought passed, we figured giving a peek into some of the bizarre contents of our inbox is at least a good way to spice up a lazy Friday.

So today, we dip in and take a look at an artful shot of a fan enjoying a Rams game…while his shimmering scalp enjoys the lack of natural light at the Ed Jones Dome.  Hey, the watching a Birds game at Busch is great and all, but it’s never a bad thing to take in a local sporting event without having to spend 10 minutes sunscreening your noggin’…

We know that stress can cause hair loss and we also know that watching the St. Louis Rams bumble through another horrible season can be stressful, but we’re proud that this soldier refused to concede the backside of his mullet.  That takes dedication.

Of course, we’re not willing to rule out the possibility that former skullet-wearing hockey legend Al Iafrate just popped into a Rams game either.



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