Kurt Warner will compete on “Dancing with the Stars” this fall


This fall, Kurt Warner will compete on that hit ABC dance show that used to be reserved for D-list celebrities.  As it turned out, America loved  retreads strutting their stuff in sequin jumpsuits, so it’s evolved into a cornucopia of who’s-who in Hollywood.  Still in sequin jumpsuits, of course.

Warner joins former NFL players Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, and Lawrence Taylor as members of the “Dancing with the Stars” cast.  Warner’s inclusion should come as no surprise to anyone in this neck of the wood.  The guy’s white guy moves are unparalleled, as displayed on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” last summer.

Truth be told, it always struck me as odd when fans and judges on the show gave expressions of surprise after the aforementioned athletes showed samples of success on the dance floor.  Um, they’re trained athletes.  Professional athletes.  Sure, Warren Sapp is like 550 lbs., but he was one of the best defensive tackles in football like 5 years ago.

Plus, he’s going up against guys like Buzz Aldrin, who is approximately 110 years old.  Yeah, I’ll take Sapp.


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