Kyle Turley’s band visited by former St. Louis Rams genius


As we mentioned late last week, former Rams OT Kyle Turley was back in town this past weekend playing a concert at The Old Rock House with his aptly-named squad, The Kyle Turley Band.

Now, Kyle Turley didn’t exactly leave St. Louis on the best of terms.  In fact, a relationship with one notable genius head coach ended pretty ugly.  But Turley’s visit back to St. Louis this weekend was a chance to clear the air.

It takes a lot to break a real NFL mastermind, but it’s clear that the underlying lyrics and live performance of Turley’s “Flyin’ Helmets” ditty were enough.

The brainiac may have ran Turley out of town, but we think he evened the score on Sunday.


tweet: @MattSebek



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