Rams fans REALLY supported Marshall Faulk in Canton, Ohio this weekend…


While the operation seems to be headed in the right direction under the guidance of that adorable curly-haired gunslinger, Rams fans haven’t had much to gloat about since 2003, their last winning season.

They found a collective sense of pride this past weekend, as Marshall Faulk was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  Personnel of the gold and blue that traveled to Canton, Ohio included Kurt Warner, Ricky Proehl, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Mike Martz and Dick Vermeil.  But it also included Rams fans, who were ready and willing to show their support for #28.

Like this woman…

Stay classy, St. Louis.

We’re not naive enough to believe that NFL games are populated with potentially N.A.S.A. candidates, but come on.  The Hall of Fame induction weekend is the pinnacle of the gridiron; the last stop for a selective subset of players that have defined themselves in history.  The ceremonies are courteous, respectable and honorable; a far cry from the boorish jungle that typically surrounds regular-season NFL games.

You couldn’t put away the “WANNA FAULK” jersey for one weekend?  Shameless.

By our calculation, the only jersey that would have been more offensive is “FAULK ME”.  With a #69, of course.



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