Rams Fans: Take Note From Chiefs Fans on How to Complain


We learned yesterday that Kansas City Chiefs fans have a true knack for outdoor advertising when it comes to publicly demonstrating their frustration.  This wasn’t the unoriginal billboard route, this was a season ticket holder hitting up the neighborhood FedEx Kinkos and customizing a 50-foot banner to hang on his picket fence.

The sign got some local attention and no doubt wound up in front of Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli, to whom it was addressed.  Mission accomplished…

Maybe Rams fans could learn a lesson in adequately expressing their disappointment with yet another horrid season by the home team.  The good thing is that, while the Chiefs fan went on a 100-word diatribe about all that has gone wrong with their franchise – even at one point requesting a free hot dog – we’re thinking Rams fans can be a little more concise with their message:

When a team is putting the finishing touches on one of the worst three-year stretches in modern NFL history, their may need to be some wholesale changes in order.  Hopefully the bold fan who slaps up this banner lives in one of Kroenke’s neighborhoods.

We’ll go with “not likely”.


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