Rams Intrigued By Wide Receiver Seen At Galleria Exhibit [RAMS]


Even with the promotion of former Mizzou star receiver Danario Alexander from the practice squad to the 53-man roster serving as the move to effectively fill Mark Clayton’s spot, the Rams are quietly looking for potential additions to complement the current recieving core that includes Brandon Gibson, Laurent Robinson, Mardy Gilyard and Danny Amendola.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo and receivers coach Nolan Cromwell were spotted at the St. Louis Galleria on Monday evening scouting a new unnamed candidate to serve as a target for Sam Bradford.  The prospect did not speak a word but blew away the coaches with his sheer physicality…


“We like the kid,” said Spags. “He didn’t even open his mouth or run a route, but he has the four pillars and that’s what we value. Honestly, he’s an improvement on what we could pick up on the waiver wires.”

Cromwell added that he was “so dynamic that he warranted a science display at the Galleria”. 

Team officials are currently attempting to contact his agent for further discussions and are eager to add a new set of hands to the squad.


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