Rams Sales Staff in Midseason Form


With the football season back on track and training camp having started up in Earth City, the St. Louis Rams have wasted no time getting into mid-season form. Things are clicking, the results are already noticeable to the average fan and it’s looking like it will be a stellar season.

And just to clarify, we’re not talking about the players.  We’re talking about their sales team.
As we learned through the years, each team has their share of sponsorships for the normal items: special events, gameday giveaways, press conferences, the name of the stadium, etc. But not many have the foresight to sign up advertisers for a team’s practices.
And to manage a way to squeeze two in there? Well that’s just going above and beyond…

So if you ever had any questions as to how the Rams have the luxury of funding a series of practices before the season starts, look no further than Bud Light and Russell Athletic.  Those companies are so selfless to provide the resources that allow our home team to get prepped for the season.

All in all, it’s an impressive job by the director of corporate sales.  Frankly, with this development, we couldn’t help but speculate as to what might be some future sponsorships waiting to happen:

-Each of Steve Spagnuolo’s four pillars
-Sam Bradford’s next haircut (wait that was already done)
-The team’s Twitter feed
-Opposing team’s punts
-The golf cart that hauls injured players off the field
-Josh McDaniels’ forehead

Really nothing is off limits. So get to work, Rams sales staff, Stan Kroenke’s franchise needs as much scratch as it can get.


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