Rams Redefine “Celebrity Endorsements”


Jon Hamm.  Al Hrabosky.  Fredbird.

It’s nothing new for teams to use recognizeable faces to sell their tickets, merchandise and everything else.  In the minds of old school ad execs nothing drives home the message more effectively than a familiar face presenting it.

When it came time for the Rams to roll out their fall ad campaign, they went a similar route, albeit with a slight deviation.

As we noted in the August edition of St. Louis Sports Magazine, the Rams are promoting the “Ultimate Fan Contest” and what better pool of talent to mine for your team spokesmen than the people who have proudly entered it.

For those who have yet to witness the commercial during the Rams pre-season games, just take a glance at the celebrity endorsers they’ve hired…


Sure the Rams have a legit shot at bringing some atmosphere back to the Dome this season, but if that isn’t enough to motivate you to buy tickets, they’re banking on the remote chance that you’ll be sitting next to one of those characters as a slight nudge.

We don’t know if you’re using the same pros/cons list we do when deciding whether to invest in tickets, but “sitting next to a women with bedazzled horns on her head” is definitely a pro.


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