Rams Skyrocketing in National Polls


From what we watched on Sunday, the Rams looked like a new team.  Yeah they’re 0-1…and lost a game that they should have won…against a divisional rival…at home.  But national pundits recognized the same rise to prominence from the hometown squad that we did. 

And when we say rise to prominence, we mean the Rammies have begun their slow but steady ascent up the weekly NFL Power Rankings, where they held down slot #32 for the majority of the 2009 season. 

As evidence of such, the experts at both ESPN.com and FoxSports.com analyzed Sunday’s performance and deemed it worthy of a meteoric rise from the basement – their preseason home – to the spot just above the basement. The fact that there is one team (Cleveland Browns) perceived as being worse in this league is a small victory for Coach Spags’ bunch.

While climbing to the second worst team in the NFL in two polls is a success, the ultimate respect has been dished out by Don Banks at SI.com.  Scoffing at #31, he has kept the team at a ranking they possibly haven’t seen in over a year…

A road win versus the Raiders on Sunday and we might see them make an unprecedented move in these rankings into the 20′s.  A fan can dream, right?


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