Rams Staffers Read Slighty Tweaked Dr. Seuss Books to Local Children


In the same week that their new defensive coordinator was slapped with an indefinite suspension based on his barbaric “bounty system”, we found it at least a tad ironic that staff members from the St. Louis Rams were out reading Dr. Seuss books to kids at various St. Louis Public Schools in celebration of the author’s birthday.

The act itself is a noble one.  Nothing wrong with taking some time to expose kids to an iconic American writer. If nothing else, we can thank them for ensuring that those children’s only exposure to Dr. Seuss will not be horrible Mike Myers movies.

But you have to concede that the affiliation between the football team amidst its current PR dilemma and Dr. Seuss is an odd one at the moment.  That is until we got a glimpse of the books they had chosen to read…

It’s 2012, nothing wrong with a customized copy of a famous book that teaches kids about numbers, colors and maybe just a few lines about their hometown team’s new head coach’s defensive background.  Buddy Ryan always makes for an interesting cartoon character.

But that wasn’t the only one on the docket.

They also tossed in a slightly tweaked version of the classic “I Can Read With My Eyes Closed!” that will prep the kids for another subpar season from the Rams Offensive Line…

So it’s a gesture with the right intentions… that may have incorporated a little pro-Rams spin on it.  Nothing wrong with trying to plant some seeds with the local youth just in case the team stays in town. 

Dr. Seuss was a Rams fan right?


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