Roughing the Passer Call on Robert Quinn Deemed Legitimate


St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn was the victim of what many believed was an extremely poor call when he was flagged for roughing San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 16-13 overtime Rams victory. The call was part of a drive that culminated in a field goal and a 10-2 San Francisco lead late in regulation.

Even the normally impartial national TV announcers resoundingly criticized the call at the time:

As it turns out though, the call might not have been so terrible. To make things easier on referees with all the new and increasingly stringent rules regarding player protection, the NFL has provided them with a guidebook, chock full of graphical illustrations and examples of what might constitute each penalty.

Of course, the media and public at large is not privy to such information, but once again our invaluable and reliable JSF sources have obtained a copy of this guidebook. After thumbing through it, we’re convinced that Quinn’s hit on Kaepernick more than met the threshold for a roughing the passer penalty, at least if you go by some of the examples presented in the referee guidebook. But you be the judge. Take a look at a few of the guidebook’s illustrations depicting actions worthy of a roughing the passer penalty and decide for yourselves:


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  • scot Robinson says:

    Funny stuff dude! Caught me off guard. I really like Robert Quinn. The Rams defensive line may be the best in the NFL next year.

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