Sam Bradford got a new rooftop, or haircut, or whatever.


As you’ve likely heard ten different places by now, Rams QB Sam Bradford got a hair cut yesterday.  This story rising to the top of most local broadcasts proves two things: people are obsessed with quarterbacks….and it’s boring as hell in St. Louis right now.

The news about Bradford’s dome is due to a combination of both, yet, we don’t recall such fervor over Kurt Warner’s buzz cut.  In fact, we remember his wife’s buzz cut more vividly.  Nevertheless, Sam Bradford got a haircut and people care, dammit.

KSDK made sure they were on top of this miraculous event in St. Louis sports history.  Cameras captured the buzzing of Bradford’s lustrous locks (+2 blogging points for solid alliteration), and Rene Knott drove home the narrative.  It was a seamless story, except for one curious detail.

KSDK labeled this segment “New Rooftop”?


Actually, we’re surprised KSDK didn’t integrate a strategic John Beal Roofing advertisement into the mix as much as  local news stations throw them down our throats during/after major storms.


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