St. Louis Rams Kicker Josh Brown Pimps The Mustache For a Tax Deduction And Clean Drinking Water


Much like carnies, kickers in the National Football League often get a bum rap. But St. Louis Rams kicker Josh Brown is opening up and taking a stand for the Mustached American community in an effort to provide clean drinking water to people who need it.

You see, many people don’t know it, but each season Brown grows a lavish lip sweater to ensure he has the strongest kicking ability possible. And that’s why he’s supporting the American Mustache Institute’s Million Mustache March for the Stache Act which would provide an annual $250 tax refund for people of facial hair.

Fans are asked to the support the Act by ‘staching their photos at or to join AMI in Washington, D.C. on April 1 for the Million Mustache March.  And for every person who supports the Act — either online or at the March — H&R Block will make a charitable contribution to Millions From One, which provides clean drinking water to people who cannot obtain it themselves.



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