The Kyle Turley Band to play in St. Louis after Rams/Chiefs game


As if things couldn’t get weirder than a bunch of mulleted Kansas City hooligans visiting our dear city on Sunday for the Rams/Chiefs game, Kyle Turley’s band is in town playing at The Old Rock House.

Yes *that* Kyle Turley.

The Kyle Turley that once slung a man’s helmet further than any Sam Bradford completed-pass this season.  The Kyle Turley that once (allegedly) threatened to rub out Mike Martz.  The Kyle Turley that said goodbye from the NFL early so he could focus on his music career.

Man alive, we love Kyle Turley.

We love him for the same reason we loved Brendan Ryan, Tony Twist, Steve Kline and the pregnant homeless lady that hangs around Busch Stadium; because they’re chronically unpredictable.  That type of imbalance is healthy for St. Louis sports.  It provides crazy sports talk radio callers with a reason to wait on hold for 45 minutes so they can yell, scream, and mispronounce every other word while doing so.

Kyle Turley accepts his unpredictable nature.  In fact, he embraces it.  It’s apparent in his new album, released by Gridiron Records this year.  In fact, it’s titled “Anger Management”.  Fitting.

The album is definitely worth a listen.  Turley is the best former St. Louis athlete to tackle (+2 blogger points for football pun) the music scene since Ken Bottenfield.  Turley and Bottenfield have some similarities.  They’re both white and over 200 lbs., for instance.

Their music, however, would likely not be found on the same iPod.

Turley’s album is definitely worth a listen, if for no other reason than to hear a song entitled, “Flyin’ Helmets” because it contains the following lyrics…

“….and (eff) Mike Martz.  I never liked him anyways.  Should’ve stayed my ass in New Orleans”.

Yes, seriously.


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