The Official Rams 2010 Draft Day Song…


In less than 24 hours, the Rams will make the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Or, will they?  It’s still a possibility that they could trade the pick, so who the hell knows, really.

The Rams front office is holding their cards extremely close to their chest this go-around – which is probably a wise thing, given their past misfortunes at the NFL Draft.

To wit, we worked with the fine people over at KFNS (yes, sometimes us “bloggers” converse with “real people” in the “real media”) to produce the official “Rams 2010 Draft Day” song that documents some of the Rams’ best draft blunders since they’ve been in St. Louis.

Lawrence Phillips, Ryan Pickett, Trung Canidate, Eric Crouch….all mentioned.

Just watch, silly.

As you’ll see, the song eloquently rhymes the name “Dick Curl”….with “hurl”.  In internet land, we call that “download this to your iPod immediately” worthy.


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