“Sam is a Ram!!!” – The Rams #1 Draft Pick in Headlines Around the Nation


It was the moment sports headline writers locally and nationally anticipated for months; the St. Louis Rams selecting Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.

You see, “Sam” rhymes with “Ram”…and that makes for extremely snappy column headlines.  In most journalism schools, you’re taught that rhyming is the second most important thing in sports headlines – right between “alliteration” and “reference to 80′s hair bands”, of course.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch kicked off the athletic poetry on STLToday.com, just minutes after Bradford took the stage.

…..and then ESPN.com followed suit.

….followed by NBCSports.com, who turned their headline into a Dr. Seuss poem.

…even online-specific publications got in the mix.

….then, the Post-Dispatch double-backed this morning and switched things up a bit; yet, still managing to sneak in a loose rhyme.

Kudos to FoxSports.com for bucking the trend and publishing a rather creative headline, actually.


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