There is more than one way to sport a “throwback”, Rams fans


When you hear the word “throwback” it always revolves around a jersey seen at a game that is worn as a tribute to past uniform designs and/or players.

If done correctly, a solid throwback can be a nice addition to any fan’s wardrobe.

But let’s not limit ourselves, people.  If we view strolling into the stadium draped in clothing that pays tribute to a past era as a dynamic way to both express fashion savvy and establish fan credibility then there are other ways to accomplish that feat.

Say you’re a Rams supporter on a budget and don’t have the scratch to score an authentic mid-90′s Isaac Bruce jersey, but you want to publicly display that your fandom dates back to the arrival of the team in St. Louis, what do you do? has got you covered.  Well, half covered anyway…

See, there is simply no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’re dealing with a fanatic if you show up at a tailgate wearing yellow and blue, candy striped overalls.  That’s dedication.

And damned if it doesn’t prove to haters that you’re not a bandwagon bum who just started liking the Rams when they came back from the dead last season.  Only true fans could turn regrettable 90′s fashion into unabashed support for the home team.  When they ask where you got the inspiration for your gear, don’t be shy to tell them what CD you were jamming during your first Rams tailgate back in the day…

It never hurts to belt out a few lyrics from “Tearin’ Up My Heart” if someone brings up the multitude of injuries the team suffered in Week 1.

Gotta keep it real, man.

(h/t @2xAught7)


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