Watch out Rams Fans, the SEC may be coming for our coach


We know the SEC is a powerful football conference that never hesitates to pat itself on the back. Mizzou fans learned that first hand when the football team was throttled in all but two of their inaugural conference games and watched as opposing fans made an instant determination that the program is unworthy of the greatness that is the Southeastern Conference. 

But we didn’t know that fans of even the worst teams in the conference are convinced that their head coaching jobs are more appealing than an NFL gig paying $7 million a year. 

Enter the Auburn Tigers

After a disastrous season that saw them go winless in the SEC and 3-9 overall, Gene Chizik was canned and the Auburn Coaching Hot Board was crafted by Rivals site 

Cracking the top five was a familiar name…

If anyone knows how to rally the boosters and get the checkbooks lined up, it’s Auburn.  Granted they normally save the big bucks for star quarterbacks, but there may be a taste left for the head coach. 

At the same time, don’t get cocky, Jeff Fisher.  Sure you’re an 18-year veteran NFL head coach and, in their summary they list roughly 10 reasons why you would probably have no interest in the job, but you still only landed fourth on the Auburn hot board. If you want that gig, you’d better start doing some campaigning. 

Opportunities to abandon the NFL to lead a last place SEC team don’t come around often.


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