Weekly Hypothetical: Come up with one can’t-miss Rams promotional giveaway for 2012


When your franchise is fresh off of a 10-38 stretch over three years and has chalked up exactly zero winning seasons in the last eight, it’s probably time to dip into the bag of tricks to get fans in the building.  In addition to hiring a new head coach and new GM, the 2012 Rams are banking on the fan giveaway strategy to keep people streaming into the Dome. 

Fake Jeff Fisher mustaches, Sam Bradford bobbleheads, James Laurinaitis bobble-necks and 75th anniversary posters are slated to be handed out at home games this season as a quick stopover before landing on eBay, but is that enough? 

Adding a fake mustache is a key acquisition for your Halloween wardrobe and your David Freese bobblehead could always use a friend to pal around with, but it will probably take more incentive than that to get people on board the Rams bandwagon, especially if said bandwagon stumbles out of the gate as they have almost every season over the last decade. 

The franchise can do more and who better to call upon for suggestions than the JoeSportsFan audience…

Let’s go:

The Rams have tasked you with developing one attention-grabbing fan giveaway promotion that you’re confident can draw a full house to the Edward Jones Dome, regardless of the team’s record. What are you going with?

We’ll read the top three answers on Episode 19 of The JoeSportsFan Show this Friday and give a JSF logo t-shirt to the lucky individual that scores top honors.

You can throw your hat into the ring one of three ways:

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

3.) Send us a message on Twitter at @JoeSportsFan.

If you’ve got a thing for Twitter hashtags, slap #JSFHypothetical on your response.



  • Ryan Phillips says:

    How about Steven Jackson Dreadlock Wig Day?

  • ScottyP says:

    Cardinals tickets.

  • Harrison says:

    An official copy of NFL Films presentation of the 1999 St. Louis Rams. That way you can be reminded of the good ole days of Rams football after watching today’s product at the Ed.

  • quinnsft34 says:

    “All About the Benjamin’s Day”

    Each fans gets a $100 bill with paid admission.

    Vendors could even dress up as Franklin.

  • Shanky says:

    A soon-to-be patented “Tucked-in Rams Jersey/Jorts Jumpsuit”. Nothing looks better on a goateed Rams fan from St. Charles than a fresh pair of white New Balances and a Rams jersey tucked into their jorts.

  • Matt Zilch says:

    Busch Light logo’d beer bongs, complete with Busch Light tall boys for loading.

    • Shanky says:

      Busch Light? Are we supposed to be watching our figures? Busch heavy or bust…”Cold as a mountain stream, smooth as its name”.

      • Matt Zilch says:

        Sorry, back in college it was always two 40′s of Old English and a tall can of Busch Light. 6 bucks to start the night off. I fell back to my old roots.

        Besides, a Busch Light logo could fill up more space. And yes, some figures could use some watching.

  • suzie says:

    How about a collection of voodoo dolls including: Scott Linehan (pull the string and all he says is “no doubt”, Spags, Billy Devaney, Jay Zygmunt and John Shaw with a set of extra sharp pins.
    Oh and throw in a copy of Tony Bank’s wife’s cookbook…

  • James in Wichita says:

    For week 15 (final home game) each fan would be able to physically remove and take their seat home with them because:

    A) There of course will be no playoff football in the dome.
    b) It’s just less junk for Stan Kroenke to haul to LA in January.

  • Teddy says:

    A halftime promotion where fans get to wrestle and actual ram to the ground. If the animal gets away, Leonard Little comes in driving an Escalade and runs it over.

  • Hank, Jr. says:

    Brenda Warner butch haircut day. The first 35,000 (if that many show up) in attendance get the Brenda/Rachel Maddow buzz cut.

  • dook!e says:

    Sam Bradford Big White Teeth giveaway

  • Eddie says:

    Water board Bill Simmons day. Each of the first 10,000 fans gets to dunk his head in a tank of water until he is nearly unconscious. The luck 10,001st fan gets to finish the job and keep his head down until he stops moving for good.

  • mr.pants says:

    “Natural Light 2011 4-0 Pre-Season mini banner” Each fan entering the ED gets a mini banner commemorating the “Perfect” 2011 Pre-Season Rams.

  • Danger says:

    Blue Seat Cover Day. Each fan in attendance gets a Rams-blue slip cover for their seat, made of spill-resistant microfiber. Even if the CVC does in fact put red seats in the dome AGAIN, it won’t look like a Cardinals game in there.

  • Ryan R says:

    One Fan Becomes a Ram

    Rams randomly pick an average Joe in attendance to join the team for a single game.

    If the Rams suck badly enough that day, that fan may get to play.

  • Amanda Jill says:

    For a promotion to draw a full house, I think you need to get the ladies involved.. How ’bout a Cheerleader/Beer-leader promo? Guys, get your gals to dress up in the best cheerleader get-up they can come up with. At halftime, the 33 “best” Cheerleader look-alike’s will be chosen to get out on the field and shake their “pom-poms” — and after the game, meet a Rams player of choice. Their counterparts will be awarded with upgraded seats & free beer for the rest of the game. No promises that the stadium won’t be 99% empty after the half though.

  • Bernie says:

    An official James Laurinaitis oversized (and wearable) foam neck. All ticketholders will also receive a coupon for a free neck pillow to support their newfound giant necks courtesy of .

  • Caleb Yorks says:

    A free bowl of sheep milk and Warner’s Crunch Time.

  • Bill Simmons says:

    Screw you guys. Water board yourselves, idiots. I am a media mogul and you are a bunch of panty-waisted twits. Homos like you need to stop hating on leaders in the digital revolution like me. Boston forever, m-f-ers!

  • Scott Peterson says:

    If there’s ever an opportunity to line up and kick Bill Simmons’ ass, I’ll break out and be there in a heartbeat.

  • Justin says:

    how about Rams playoff tickets to each fan in attendance. never mind they’ll never be able to use them. also It would only be like 5,000 tickets.

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