Weekly Hypothetical: How To Eliminate NFL Ties


Did you know that football games can end in ties?  Okay, so did we, but apparently some players on the field in San Francisco had no idea.  Understandably so, considering the whole concept of two teams playing for three hours without anyone being declared a winner is a bit grade school-ish if you think about it (sorry, soccer fans, but draws are boring).  Nobody in the NFL wants a trophy for participation as far as we know.

On Sunday, there was no climax, just questions at the end of the Rams-49ers game.  Did the Rams blow it? Yes. Did the 49ers blow it? Yes. Did anyone gain anything out of it other than, in Alex Smith’s case, a concussion?  No. 

It’s almost like a podcast throwing out a hypothetical question to get listener/reader responses, then not having a show because of technical difficulties.  **Crickets**

Even though there hadn’t been a tie in the NFL in almost four years, most fans can agree that there needs to be a change. Surely we can find some way to declare a winner in a football game.  The players and fans deserve that, Roger Goodell. 

That’s where we call upon the JSF audience to save the day in this week’s Hypothetical…

Here goes…

Roger Goodell has heard the rumblings from fans and has decided to eliminate tie games once and for all. But rather than simply playing another quarter of football until a winner is decided, he wants to get creative.

You’re appointed head of the committee whose task is to come up with the most intense, captivating means to conclude what once was a football game. The goal is creating a ratings explosion any time an NFL game heads into overtime and, true to NFL form, nothing is off limits so long as it makes money. What do you go with?

We’ll read the top three answers on Episode 27 of The JoeSportsFan Show this Friday.

You can throw your hat into the ring one of three ways:

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

3.) Send us a message on Twitter at @JoeSportsFan.

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  • Predator-style tug-of-war:

    One player from each team has a dread/braid undone and then rebraided with the dread of a player from the other team and they have a tug of war to see who rips of the other’s skull first.

    My money is on SJ39 unless we ever tie the Steelers; Head and Shoulders is a performance enhancing drug.

  • Ryan R says:

    A tackle-off (sort of like a shootout in hockey and soccer). All 5 offensive linemen line up. The punter and kicker from each team alternate running 5 yards and attempt to tackle the O-linemen. Most tackled after 5 linemen wins. Sebastian Janikowski would obviously be the most valuable kicker in the league and jersey sales would skyrocket with fans supporting their favorite kickers who now have more value than just kicking a ball.

  • Daniel M. says:

    Since the game is football…Each team attempts field goals…moving 5 yards back each time…First team to miss after having made at least one FG loses…If both teams miss on first FG attempt…Do it until one makes it and then the other team misses FG attempt.

  • Harrison says:

    Simple. Do what the XFL did when it determined how to award who got the ball first: Place the pigskin at the 50 yard line and have one player from each team race from their respective endzones to retrieve the ball. That way, much like the XFL, the idea of a tie in the NFL will die swiftly and quietly.

  • RamPage95 says:

    Paper, rock, scissors?

  • James in Wichita says:

    Each team gets to return a kickoff, with the team that gains the most yards on the kick return declared the winner. The catch is only one player on the return team is eligible to return and that player must be team’s head coach.

    Imagine the hit Rex Ryan, Bill Belichik, or Sean Payton would take…

  • Nate says:

    Two footballs in overtime, snapped to two quarterbacks. Play is not dead until both balls are downed, which leads to interesting scrums over the first ball down while the other is live. A two point conversion is only allowed if your offensive coordinator is obviously physically aroused.

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