You Can Name the St. Louis Rams’ New Mascot…


While contract negotiations for Sam Bradford continue, the St. Louis Rams have backup plan to enhance interest around their team in 2010: more fur.

That’s right: the St. Louis Rams are adding a mascot.  Again.

After a failed attempt at mascotery in 1996, the Rams will once again throw a human inside an overgrown animal suit and plead for him/she/it to bumble around the Edward Jones Dome, providing fans with a laughable complement to the ensuing on-field fodder.

And hey, it turns out you can vote for the mascot’s name on the Rams’ official website.

Results of the poll (and the mascot’s official name) will be released Monday morning at the St. Louis Zoo – you know, because the mascot is an animal.  Get it, kids?

Currently, the results of the poll are fairly normalized.  “Archie” and “Rampage” are in the lead, but there’s no clear winner, yet.  That could lead to some future animosity towards our new furry friend.

Frankly, the Rams should have gone with an easy sell.  Name the freaking thing, “Kurt Warner”.  That would have put asses in the seats.

UPDATE: Side-by-side of the Rams first mascot, named “Ramster” (yeah, seriously) and the new mascot throwing out the first pitch at Busch Stadium on Thursday (yeah, seriously).



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