You’re making us a little uncomfortable, Post-Dispatch


We all know that sports treads that thin line between uber masculine and borderline homo-erotic on a regular basis. If we watch sports, occasionally we’re going to see a partially naked man whether we do so by choice or not (and sometimes a fully naked man running on the field, but that’s a different story) and, frankly, we’ve accepted that.

But sometimes those choosing pictures to accompany a story for major media websites tend to push the limits and make us wonder if they have a different agenda. Like when they happen to post a photo of a long snapper in a shirtless state of euphoria…

Perhaps someone is vigorously rubbing Tripucka’s foot. Maybe he’s squeezing out a troublesome beef. Who knows if the vets on the team make it part of the rookie hazing ritual to have them pose like they’re sun-bathing on a European beach when the photogs show up.

All we know is that when that photo is accompanied with a headline about the player’s “sports dream”, we have no choice but to assume that Tom Brady might be involved somehow.



  • Phat says:

    Seriously? You’ve never rolled out a tight hammy on one of those hard plastic rollers?

    It hurts like a SOB, but in a good way.

  • Eddie says:

    You just described Bill Simmons’ dream. That homo would do anything to be inserted into that scenario, and might give up a limb if Big Papi was also involved.

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