St. Louis Teams Joining the Twitter #Boobment

With 2013 only one month old, we’ve already seen the first of what promises to be many social media phenomenons go mainstream and sweep across the nation.  Just like Facebook originated on college campuses, so too has what’s now known as the #Boobment on Twitter.

If you are not familiar, the concept isn’t hard to grasp – college women put on their school licensed apparel, take a picture of their strategically-covered-so-as-not-to-be-explicit jugs in said apparel and send it to the associated Twitter account to be posted anonymously.  In other words, it’s the perfect concoction for college sports meatheads fans.

Per the recent Huffington Post article, the #boobment was born during the Mizzou-Kansas basketball classic at Allen Fieldhouse last year when a female fan tweeted a photo of her wearing a Jayhawks shirt prominently featuring her school spirit (read: cleavage) under the hashtag #KUBoobs.  Other female KU fans followed suit and the trend was formalized with the creation of the Twitter account @KUboobs, believed by most to be the George Washington of college boob-centric Twitter feeds.

As one would expect, not long after @KUboobs exploded, Mizzou countered with their own version – @MizzouBoobs1 – and promptly engaged in some competitive banter with their arch rivals.   Hell, even local private Jesuit schools have gotten in on the action.


As the movement has swelled on college campuses it has now begun to spill over into the professional sports landscape.  Within days after the media exposed this booming trend, pioneer fans of two St. Louis sports franchises set out to strategically attack the ballooning market.



While the Cardinals remain the undisputed leader in the STL sports hierarchy, their social media boobprint has yet to take hold while their hockey counterpart piggybacked on the NHL season opener to rack up almost a thousand followers before they ever sent out a tweet.   While the photos haven’t started overflowing the inbox for either, the seeds have been planted.

We don’t know how large this trend will grow across the country, but what we do know is that as long as male sports fans remain on Twitter, there will be an audience supporting the #boobment.

In other words, what the hell is taking you so long, St. Louis Rams…

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