Oh, Goodie. Another radio station promotion.

The Cardinals’ regular season is just under two weeks away, which means radio outlets in St. Louis are getting their ducks in a row. Exclusive interviews, featured segments, and of course, branded swag.

101 ESPN unleashed a proof of their new product line via Facebook this afternoon, which hinges upon Chris Duncan’s use of the word “man soda”. You see, that’s a clever substitute for “beer”, people.



Well, now we’re confused. Is the man soda the one doing the approving of the man soda? That’s meta. And also: stupid. Why not, “This is my man soda”? Or, “Approved for my man soda”? Or, maybe, just not doing anything at all?

Typically, the masses that follow 101 ESPN lap up anything and everything related to the afternoon co-host, but even they were largely unimpressed with this effort. Among the complaints: they’re blue (read: the color that the Cubs wear), they’re sponsored by Miller-Coors (read: not Anheuser-Busch) and they’re stupid (read: they’re stupid). Frankly, we’re consistently impressed that radio outlets can sell something like this to a major brand…but selling a dedicated website banner is beyond their capabilities.

Anyway, early reviews are not good. Really, the only person impressed with this whole ordeal is Wally. Wally kinda sorta dug the idea, but only expressed his feelings through a back-handed compliment. A compliment that 101 ESPN gladly accepted and produced a free beer koozie for Wally.


But, wait.

101 ESPN said that they’ll send one out tomorrow? So, they’re already printed? The image above looks like a proof image. You know, something you send around for approval and/or feedback. We have plenty; as did 101 ESPN’s followers. But, apparently they’re already printed. Oh well. Hope you like, um, this.

That’s like Bernie Miklasz writing his Sunday column and bringing the actual printed newspaper to his editor to proofread on Monday.

We hope Wally has a need for 999 additional beer (sorry, man soda) koozies.

Thanks, we’ll hang up and listen.

JSF33: The Best of the JoeSportsFan Originals

Some minor site news.   The small, scripted bits that have become a huge part of The JoeSportsFan Show will also be played on Friday mornings on 101 ESPN.  We kicked off this relationship last week.

In lieu of 101 ESPN listeners asking for more, we decided to devote this week’s episode of the show to our favorite bits created during 2012.  So, sit back, relax and allow the following bits to tickle your ear drums.

From JSF31: Sounds of the 2013 Cardinals Winter Warm-up
From JSF27: “Interviewing a sports talk radio host”
From JSF7: “Great Moments in Fan History: The First Streaker”
From JSF4: “Our MLB Insider, Skeeter Rosin”
From JSF1: “Inside the Post-Dispatch Headline Room”

Total Running Time: 00:40:52

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JSF32: The One with Joe Magrane (and Michelle Smallmon)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, Kwanzah, Festivus; whatever you celebrate, we welcome you back to The JoeSportsFan Show after a few weeks off.  This week, we pay homage to a Cardinals pitcher who may have also starred in “Full House” and talk to 101 ESPN’s Michelle Smallmon about her role as Bernie Miklasz’s producer.


Featured Guest: Michelle Smallmon

JoeSportsFan Original: The JSF Dictionary (“Bluesier”)

Total Running Time: 00:37:14

Random, yet contextual, episode references: Kyle Turley, Josh Hancock, Dre Bly, Dan Dierdorf, Stephen Tyler, Newschannel 5, Kevin Slaten, JC Corcoran and Joey Gladstone.

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:

Stephen Tyler creeps on Joe Magrane’s daughter (link)
Episode 15 with “Rasmus Girl” (link)
VIDEO: JSF’s “interivew” with Kyle Turley (link)
Dan Caesar recaps the St. Louis sports media in 2012 (link)
Dan Caesar will be starting a “Where are they now” segment (link)

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