KSDK, “Where the news comes first.”

In this age of a 24-hour news cycle, traditional outlets have to be on the top of their game when it comes to social media.  Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos; it’s all part of providing unparalleled coverage for readers and viewers.

KSDK News Channel 5 in St. Louis is no different.  In fact, on Sunday they were breaking news when there wasn’t any.



With the Cardinals in Milwaukee finishing up a four-game series against the Brewers, KSDK has you covered at Busch Stadium where nothing was happening.

At least, yet.

Tune in at 10 pm to find out more.

Side note: we owe you a beer, dizparks.

PHOTOS: This is how you prevent field streaking.

Can we stop for a minute and collectively admit that not showing field rushers/streakers on network television is not preventing future acts of malfeasance?  Field rushers don’t care about television face-time.  Or jail time.  It’s about the thrill.  They care about eluding the (usually overweight) field security staff…and those guys aren’t going away any time soon.

Network television should use their resources to help detract field rushers.  Seeing a field rusher get tasered in the jugular…in super slo-mo…in high-definition…at various angles on network television…is going to stick in your mind the next time a few 16-ounce Busch tallboys are telling you to jump that rail.  Anyway, enough of this hullabaloo.

Busch Stadium saw their first field rushers of 2013 on Sunday afternoon and JSF’s Tim Day was there to capture the action again.  Seriously, Tim Day is doing the Lord’s work.  First the Bob Ramsey photo earlier this year, and now this (namely, the 4th pic down).  There’s no Pulitzer Prize for amazing photography that captures the seedy underbelly on St. Louis sports, but there damn well should be.









JSF39: The One with Daryl Doran

Daryl Doran is the only player to play for every professional indoor soccer team in St. Louis.  That’s the Steamers, the Storm and the Ambush.  And the Steamers again.  If you’ve played for two instances of The Steamers, you pretty have a key to this city.  And an everlasting invite to be on The JoeSportsFan Show.

With an English Premier League game selling out Busch Stadium on May 23rd, we thought it was time to bring in the soccer legend to chat.


Total Running Time: 00:47:29

Atomic number: 39 (Yttrium)

JoeSportsFan Original: inside the production of Cardinals radio commercials

Random yet contextual references: Al Hrabosky, Tom Brunansky, He-Man, Doug Weight, Kelly Chase, Steven Jackson, Rasmus Girl, Diehard Cards Fan, official pest control companies of the Cardinals

Links and things mentioned this episode:

The Greatest St. Louis Sports video of all time. (link)
The new 1380 “THE WOMAN” logo (link)
Al Hrabosky kinda sorta looks like a gay lion (link)
Our first “Making of Cardinals Commercials” skit (link)
The infamous “Rasmus Fire Burning” video (link)
The English Premier League is coming to Busch Stadium (link)

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EP36: The One with Dennys Reyes (and Graham Bensinger)

Graham Bensigner started his own internet radio show when he was in the 8th grade.  In 2003 (when he was 17), it got picked up by ESPN Radio and he’s interviewed the likes of Pete Rose, David Stern, Mike Tyson and OJ Simpson.  Now, he hosts his own series entitled “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” and conducts interviews with sportspeople.  Additionally, he’s from St. Louis and does stuff on the internet, so we figured he was suitable for our digital dojo.

Oh, and we also pay our proper respects to #36, Dennys Reyes…while also breaking down the Cardinals 2013 Promotional Schedule.  Ground-breaking stuff.


Total Running Time: 00:49:07

Atomic number: 36 (krypton)

JoeSportsFan Original: The OFFICIAL TRAILER for “Zero Dark Thirty

Random yet contextual references: Steven Jackson’s hair, Jeff Weaver, Kurt Cobain, Phillipe Bozon, gay clowns, Jerome Bettis, Ray King, Kent Bottenfield, Andres Galarraga, OJ Simpson

Links and things mentioned this episode:

Jeff Weaver as Kurt Cobain (link)
The Cardinals 2013 Promotional Schedule (link)
Bob Ramsey takes on the A-10 referees (link)
Video of the Steve Bartman ball being destroyed in 2004 (link)
Last week’s interview with Cardinals strength and condition coach Pete Prinzi (link)

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