Want to Toss Out the First Pitch at a Cardinals Game? Here’s Your Chance

We’ve told you about Rally Saint Louis before. The St. Louis online platform where anyone can submit ideas to improve the region, and then allows people of all walks to help fund those ideas and help them come to fruition. Now comes one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities from Rally STL.

Have you ever wanted to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game in front of thousands at Busch Stadium? Well, here’s your chance.

On Sunday afternoon May 19, when the Cards play Milwaukee, it will also be Rally Saint Louis Day at Busch Stadium. The Rally STL team will be giving out free tees — generously donated by CafePress — in Ford Plaza located behind the bleacher seats in the outfield. Jason Falls Donationv2

Part of the day’s celebration will include a representative Rally Saint Louis throwing out the first pitch of the game. But the question for the folks at Rally STL is, “Who should do it?”

Who deserves to live the dream of tossing out the first ball at a Cards game?

Well St. Louis, like all things Rally STL, it’s up to you! Go to their blog post on it HERE and submit your best case for the most deserving St. Louisan in the comments below.

Make your pitch! And don’t screw it up.