Rams’ Michael Sam Changing America’s Tune On Discrimination

As a person of Mustached American descent, I have lived a lifetime under a veil of scorn and disdain that continues to target the rugged good looks and laser cocksmanship that typifies the Mustached American experience. mens_vneck_tshirt

Indeed, even today in what is purportedly a more enlightened America, being a minority is in now way easy.

Enter the St. Louis Rams little-known seventh round draft pick out of Missouri. You may be familiar with him. He was the Southeastern Conference’s Co-Defensive Player of the Year.  His name is Michael Sam.

Oh, and as an aside, a little-known fact about Sam besides having a first name for both his first and last name: He is gay.

No, not happy “gay” like the silent film stars of the silver screen in the roaring ’20s. He’s gay “gay.”

Yes, God forbid. A man who likes other men!

Of course, a variety of reactions rolled in after Sam was drafted and seen kissing his boyfriend on camera as the two celebrated one man’s life dream of being drafted into the National Football League. While most were supportive, some could be heard moaning in the rafters. Notably, a foolish strong safety for the Miami Dolphins, Don Jones, scoffed via Twitter after the pick was made and has since been fined and suspended by his employer. Then former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward was kind enough to tweet, “I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that on national tv….Man U got little kids lookin at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

This just in: “no bueno” is not proper Spanish.

Fortunately, however, unlike the way the bigoted clean-shaven masses treated the Mustached American community in the 1980s — publicly shaming our people and forcing us to defecate in Port A Pottys marked “Mustache” — for the most part Sam is being broadly embraced, with the only concern now being that his attention will be too divided to effectively focus on football.

To wit, CafePress is selling apparel reading “Sam I Am. I Am A Ram;” his NFL jerseys are second in sales amongst rookies to only the ass-clown Johnny Manziel; and Opera Winfrey’s worthless television network has even announced they will produce a reality television show about Sam’s hopeful journey into the league.

Is America changing? Will this nation continue to embrace those who have faced discrimination in the past? If Michael Sam is any indication, we can only assume the answer is a resounding “yes” and that American culture is changing its tune of discrimination.

ESPN’s Kenny Mayne Takes Up Super Bowl Saturday Fight

Since 2006, I have argued that the Super Bowl should be moved to SATURDAY.  And whether you want the Monday afterward made into a national holiday, which will never happen, or to move the game to Saturday – it just makes sense to move the game from Sunday.

But let’s cut to the chase about why: It’s an argument for alcoholism as on the day that’s essentially become an American national holiday, we drink, eat, we drink more, we digest venison chili, and the next day we really suck at work and just want to recover and talk about what a letdown the game was.

Now ESPN’s Kenny Mayne has jumped into the discussion and taken up the mantle at MoveTheBigGame.com.

“I’ve been reporting on sports for what feels like 56 years and I can say without question that the Super Bowl is every bit as big as the Grey Cup – don’t ever question me,” said Mayne, while wearing a pair of pants. “But having the big game on Sunday is about as relevant as something not relevant. It’s time to move the Super Bowl to Saturday and I’m doing it with the help of CafePress because they care about America because they’re the most Americanized American place on the Internet machine pretty much, well, ever.”

Visit MoveTheBigGame.com and you can find a very funny video (below) of Mayne beating the streets of New York to make his argument, along with a point-by-point outline and links back to CafePress.com merchandise supporting the movement.  Check it out:

Want to Toss Out the First Pitch at a Cardinals Game? Here’s Your Chance

We’ve told you about Rally Saint Louis before. The St. Louis online platform where anyone can submit ideas to improve the region, and then allows people of all walks to help fund those ideas and help them come to fruition. Now comes one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities from Rally STL.

Have you ever wanted to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game in front of thousands at Busch Stadium? Well, here’s your chance.

On Sunday afternoon May 19, when the Cards play Milwaukee, it will also be Rally Saint Louis Day at Busch Stadium. The Rally STL team will be giving out free tees — generously donated by CafePress — in Ford Plaza located behind the bleacher seats in the outfield. Jason Falls Donationv2

Part of the day’s celebration will include a representative Rally Saint Louis throwing out the first pitch of the game. But the question for the folks at Rally STL is, “Who should do it?”

Who deserves to live the dream of tossing out the first ball at a Cards game?

Well St. Louis, like all things Rally STL, it’s up to you! Go to their blog post on it HERE and submit your best case for the most deserving St. Louisan in the comments below.

Make your pitch! And don’t screw it up.