Enjoying the Fernando Tatis Twitter Experience

On this day, 14 years ago, the baseball world saw what might be one of the most spectacular innings in history when Fernando Tatis touched Chan Ho Park for not one, but two grand slams in an 11-run third.

To celebrate that night, we bring you what you’ve always wanted…Fernando Tatis’ Twitter feed.  We certainly aren’t the first to make note of this, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s earned a day in the spotlight.

The social media version of Fernando Tatis manages to straddle the line between “hey he’s just a normal guy” to “clearly this is a 7-year old kid pretending to be Tatis” with a little touch of “he might be retarded” sprinkled in for good measure.

In honor of the runs he batted in that one fateful inning, we bring you our 8 favorite Fernando Tatis posts.  Just to drive home the fact that it’s constant entertainment, we’ve only selected 8 from the last 72 hours…


Ah yes, leave it up to the “grand slam hero” to fulfill your lifelong dream of being followed by him on Twitter for the mere price of a retweet.  And for the record, the photo that he attached is this. 2,000 followers is a heck of a milestone, Fernando.


Not sure about you, but I’m seeing a veiled Mark McGwire reference somewhere in here.


It may seem relatively simple to read this cute upside down tweet, but if you hold it up to a mirror, it actually reads “I ate Chan Ho Park’s heart with a fork”


See, by now you probably think that you’re just seeing a goofy former ballplayer tossing out random commentary about life.  Wrong.  Now you’re seeing business ‘Nando.  Dude just blew the CEO of Chase Bank’s mind.


That’s 7 RT’s of himself – one for every time he hears a gay rumor about him and Joe Buck during an average day.


The weird part is that Fernando actually wrote a check to himself for this sponsorship.


Ever wanted an awesome way to freak out a pizza man moments before you’re arrested for breaking and entering?  You’re welcome.


You didn’t think he’d forgotten did you, Chan Ho?