EP40: The One with Andy Benes (and the Busch Stadium DJ)

At-bat music, closer anthems, mid-inning jingles and “Everybody Clap Your Hands”. They all go through one man at Busch Stadium and that man is Damon Oliver.  He started with the Cardinals in ’03 and this is his 11th season as the Busch Stadium DJ.

It was finally time to have him on the JoeSportsFan Show to talk the best and the worst of Cardinals stadium music.


Total Running Time: 00:48:45

Atomic number: 40 (zirconium)

JoeSportsFan Original: our MLB insider, Skeeter Rosin

Random yet contextual references: Bacott’s offspring, Daryl Doran, Ray Vinson, Guy Herbert, Rick Sutcliffe, Dan Quisenberry, Fredbird, Vince Coleman, brominated vegetable oil

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David Freese Is One Jovial Fellow

Probably not dropping any huge bombshells here, but David Freese is one of the more gregarious and fun-loving players on the Cardinals’ roster in recent years.

Thrust into the spotlight following a superhuman performance in the 2011 playoffs, a big part of Freese’s appeal is his cheerful, happy-go-lucky personality.

This was on full display in a recent series of commercials to promote Homers for Health, a campaign to benefit Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation. Freese stars alongside Matt Holliday and Allen Craig in the commercials, which are often seen during telecasts on Fox Sports Midwest.

In one of the spots, Freese is supposed to laugh heartily at the absurdity of Adam Wainwright not pledging his support for the program even though it benefits kids, because he is a pitcher and, understandably, despises home runs.

The ad turned out great, but only after producers were able to cut out much of the incessant (and quite frankly, irritating) laughing by Freese.

As usual, Joe Sports Fan has made use of its many industry sources to obtain the original, uncut version of the commercial. See for yourself:

Thankfully, through the magic of video editing, the final version turned out much better. If only the same magic could be done for Keanu Reeves.