Ghost of Stan Musial Haunts His Own Coverage?

This week Cardinal fans have been mourning the passing of their franchise’s all-time greatest player, not to mention all-around greatest guy, Stan Musial.

Local television outlets have peppered their newscasts with a steady stream of Stan coverage since word of his passing came last Saturday night, and rightfully so.  Seems everybody has a personal Stan story, and hearing these now makes you appreciate the man they called, um, “The Man” and his legacy of excellence, compassion, and goodwill all the more.

But this week, during a live Elliott Davis report on one of FOX 2’s evening newscasts, a strange phenomenon occurred – something that all your fancy laws of nature, science, and reason cannot explain away. It was as if the ghost of Stan interjected himself right in the middle of Davis’ report. See for yourself:

Was this a message from Stan from beyond the grave? Perhaps he was trying to communicate one last tale of government waste for an upcoming “You Paid For It” segment before passing into the great beyond.

Although noticeably shocked and bewildered, it’s a credit to Davis that he was able to collect himself and finish his report.  Say what you want, the guy’s a true pro. But we’re not buying his dismissive contention that this was a simple case of technical difficulties. No way.