NFL to replace extra point with physical challenge

The NFL is investigating the possibility of eliminating the extra point after touchdowns in favor of something a bit more dramatic.  As league commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated, “Any dolt can hit a short kick – even the Raiders.”  One very popular idea?  Replace the PAT try with a physical challenge selected at random using a “Giant Wheel of Football Things”.

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The Rams are quite good at kicking footballs

NFL Training Camp is less than a month away, but if you’re looking for a statistical analysis of the upcoming Rams season, you’ve come to the wrong place.  We are here to share Dude Perfect’s latest video featuring Greg Zuerlein and Johnny Hekker, the Rams’ kicker and punter, respectively.

For the past year, Dude Perfect has specialized in viral videos displaying seemingly impossible basketball shots.  Over the house, from a moving car, on top of a skyscraper; anything is fair game for Dude Perfect.  But they’ve never mastered the gridiron.  That is, until today.  The Rams brought them out to their practice facilities in Earth City and changed that.

In all seriousness, the Rams work in social arena is unparalleled.

Their ability to leverage young players and think outside the box with campaigns such as the Jeff Fisher fake mustaches, iPhone apps and little skits like this are making the collective brand much more fun to consume.