“BUTJOLS” makes another appearance

This week, the Cardinals embarked upon yet another home/home series with the Kansas City Royals.  Typically, that means “one home series for each team”, but for this particular series it means, “the Cardinals play in front of a home crowd in St. Louis and Kansas City”.

In 2011, we captured the gentleman below at Kaufmann Stadium in Kansas City.

Oh, that patchwork.  It looks like this guy constructed his product with a Swiss Army knife and a few safety pins.  And the two MLB logos on the collar are a nice touch.

This effort was good enough to land this fan in our “Hall of Fame“.

But a lot has changed since 2011.  Billy Butler is still kicking it with the Royals, but Albert Pujols is a lost artifact from the cross-state rivalry.  But that didn’t prevent this fan from making the rounds yet again this week at Kaufmann Stadium with the Cardinals in town.


Odd habits die hard.

Namely, promoting horrific jersey concoctions and tucking said jerseys into khaki shorts.

It could be that our brain synapses are clogged with an overabundance of bro, but it appears that this is a different man than the one in 2011.  Did that man sell the jersey?  Did he have a friend that borrowed the jersey?  Is this a father/son combo with two different jerseys?

Oh, mind blown.