PHOTOS: Blues/Kings Game 5

With the Blues back home for a pivotal game five of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the club held a pep rally outside Scottrade Center. The team saw it as an opportunity to showcase its rabid fan base.

Bluesiers saw it as an opportunity to let the demons in their heads run wild.

BluesPlayoffGameTwo 8

The inexplicable “Go Blues” referee jersey is distubing enough. Throw in an epic skullet, and dude’s sure to haunt your dreams for the remainder of the series.

What’s the over/under on the number of bodies buried in this man’s basement?

Morph Suits

Temperatures dipping into the sixties, with even chillier temps in the arena? Time to break out the anatomically unforgiving morph suits. We cropped this photo above the waists.

You’re welcome.

Gretzky Sweater

Wayne Gretzky played 31 games for the Blues, then rejected a 15 million dollar offer to stay with the team. Don’t tell this guy, though.

Playoff Beard

This modest gentleman would like you to know that he’s sporting a playoff beard. See it? His shirt makes it easy to find.

Fortunately, men this sexy don’t travel alone. No no. His Juliet wasn’t far behind.

Playoff Beard Gross

Um. Ew. Gross.