Man in Craig Dahl jersey remains alive.

Our nation remains divided on many polarizing issues right now: Obamacare, gun control and whether or not Zack and Kelly would still be married today if we lived inside the “Saved by the Bell” magic bubble.

One thing is certain, though.


United we stand.

The proverbial finger-pointing has begun, which should adequately nauseate anyone coming within earshot distance of sports talk radio shows during the Rams extended break.

We here at JoeSportsFan would like to look this negatively in the face and honor one man last night that escaped a hero.  That man is pictured below, wearing a 49ers Craig Dahl jersey.  He went home alive.  At least, as far as we know.  Bold.


(Photo via @AdamPrestCPA)



JSF34: The One with Danny Cox (and The Sideline Hippie)

The Rams played the 49ers twice this season.  In the first matchup, we observed a rather hairy individual sauntering up and down the Rams sideline wearing NFL gear.  In the 2nd matchup between the two teams, we noticed the same individual.  But this time, he was wearing 49ers gear.  What gives?  Was he a spy?  Did he teleport from 1962?  The legend grew; nearly as fast as this malcontent’s malnourished mustache.

After some research, we found the man behind the myth.  He known simply as “The Bro” and has been working as a 49ers equipment manager for the past three seasons.  With his team in the Super Bowl, we demanded his insight.  We got it on this week’s show.  Well, kind of.


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