JSF35: The One with Mike Laga (and Pete Prinzi, Cardinals strength & conditioning coach)

Have you ever wondered which Cardinals player benches the most weight?  Who can jump the highest?  What about which member of the Cardinals bullpen can plow down the most chicken wings in one sitting?

We have – which is why we were tickled to have Pete Prinzi, the Cardinals strength and conditioning coach, join us to crack wise and chat about Spring Training in Episode 35 of the JoeSportsFan Show.


Total Running Time: 00:41:10

Atomic number: 35 (bromine)

JoeSportsFan Original: When interviewers demand answers (00:23:45)

Random yet contextual references: Matt Morris’ hemp necklaces, The Micromachine man, Steve Tuttle, Clint Malarchuk, Lance Lynn’s jelly donuts, Bo Hart, Sidney Ponson, Ray King, Steve Kline

Links and things mentioned this episode:

VIDEO: Pete Prinzi gets hit in the head by a hotdog gun (link)
A terrible pencil drawing of Matt Morris (link)
The Episode 12 interview with Mike Laga (link)
Synopsis of Lance Lynn’s weight loss (link)
VIDEO: Fans sneak into David Freese’s World Series Game 7 press conference (link)
VIDEO: training with Skip Schumaker (link)

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