JSF39: The One with Daryl Doran

Daryl Doran is the only player to play for every professional indoor soccer team in St. Louis.  That’s the Steamers, the Storm and the Ambush.  And the Steamers again.  If you’ve played for two instances of The Steamers, you pretty have a key to this city.  And an everlasting invite to be on The JoeSportsFan Show.

With an English Premier League game selling out Busch Stadium on May 23rd, we thought it was time to bring in the soccer legend to chat.


Total Running Time: 00:47:29

Atomic number: 39 (Yttrium)

JoeSportsFan Original: inside the production of Cardinals radio commercials

Random yet contextual references: Al Hrabosky, Tom Brunansky, He-Man, Doug Weight, Kelly Chase, Steven Jackson, Rasmus Girl, Diehard Cards Fan, official pest control companies of the Cardinals

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First Budgeted Ideas on Rally St. Louis Feature Plenty of Sports Opportunities

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.31.25 PM

It is written several places in the bible that soccer sucks. And the word of God is strong — apparently just not in St. Louis — where people really freaking dig soccer.

Much of it goes back more than 60 years, when five of the 11 players on the U.S. National team that defeated a communist squad from England in the 1950 World Cup were from St. Louis.

Then St. Louis University began racking up NCAA soccer championships like Kardashians collect rings from guys they eventually dump and humiliate, while the Heisman Trophy of college soccer — The Hermann Trophy — is named for St. Louisan Bob Hermann and awarded by the Missouri Athletic Club.

The point being that the “force” is strong in these St. Louis soccer fans.  And that’s why it was not all that surprising when two of the first five ideas budgeted by Rally Saint Louis — which we’ve covered a few times — were related to soccer, in spite of its suckiness. Plus, there was yet another sports-related idea regarding basketball, which does not suck whatsoever.

Here’s a recap of the three sports ideas, and you can review and fund any of them here:

  • Project Blacktop:  Submitted by Wash-U hoops player Tim Cooney, Project Blacktop creates a nonprofit whose goal is to beautify urban areas of St. Louis with functional outdoor basketball courts that serve as hubs for the neighborhood and host community building events. It’s been budgeted at $15,000.00 for a full court and $10,000 for a half court. You can help fund it here.
  • St. Louis Pick-up Soccer:  Creating a large turfed lit space centrally located in the St. Louis-area for year round outdoor soccer use. There were three tiers of budgets created including $860,000.00 (full-size field),  $390,000.00 (medium size), and $142,000.00 (smaller field). You can fund it here. 
  • Bring National Soccer Hall Of Fame to St. Louis:  The National Soccer Hall of Fame closed its doors in 2010. Its artifacts and memorabilia sit in storage, and it’s time to bring those collections to St Louis and re-open the museum in soccer’s American home, St Louis. Because of the complexity of the project, the budget was pushed until next month but it’s coming, so hold tight soccer people.

Keep in mind that Rally Saint Louis seeks micro-donations. So if you dig an idea and can only throw literally $1 at a project, that’s cool. It’s all about the crowd.

That is all, for now.