The St. Louis Blues: Next Year’s Contenders?

Each year, the Stanley Cup playoffs attract millions of fans from across the United States and around the world. This year’s season and has proven particularly exciting for certain teams, in particular the Los Angeles Kings and the St Louis Blues. The rivalry between these two formidable forces was palpable during the playoffs and added even more excitement to this fast-paced sport. Indeed, many sports betting websites sites such as were inundated with those who were apt to use hockey wagering strategies to capitalize on such a situation. Still, the Blues were once again deprived of their ability to win the Stanley Cup and many of those who are interested to bet on sports are wondering what this team can do to help improve their performance in the next season. Certainly, the Blues have what it takes to live up to the expectations and earn the bet America has put on them.

The St. Louis Blues: Eulogy or Rebirth?

For the second year in a row, the Kings have once again thwarted the momentum that seemed so solid from the St. Louis Blues’ bench at the onset. Many followers were placing sizable live bets on the southern team and after two early goals in game 4, the Blues seemed primed for redemption against their western rivals. Nonetheless, the Kings quickly gathered momentum and ablated a two goal deficit to win the game and knock St. Louis out of the competition. Needless to say, this match was a truly pivotal game.

After suffering the second defeat against the Kings, many analysts are now focused on what actions St. Louis needs to take to prepare for what may prove to be a 2014 season of vengeance. Although no one said that such an accomplishment will occur overnight, there are a few key points that need to be addressed in the off-season should the Blues expect to have a fighting chance next year.

Addressing Blown Leads

As seen in the first few games of the playoffs, the Blues had a commanding lead over the Kings on more than one occasion. In fact, if they had secured a win in Los Angeles, their rivals would have all but lost the chance to participate in the playoffs. Therefore, one of the key points to address is to change tactics in order to maintain a sense of momentum throughout multiple games. This may perhaps have as much to do with psychology as it will involve maintaining stamina.

Lack of Top Players Performing

St. Louis is not known as a particularly aggressive team but rather as a team that has a solid foundation to score when needed. Many players were unable to secure the goals necessary during the playoffs against the Kings. What will be needed is an emphasis on both passing and a coordinated offense to make certain that the key players are given the opportunity to score. St. Louis may very well benefit from one-time passing, a strategy that can help deter a skilled opponent team.

A One-Sided Offense

Another important aspect that led to the Blues’ ultimate defeat was the fact that they were unable to thwart the efforts of many of the Kings’ top players. As if this was not bad enough, the Kings did an excellent job at mitigating the threats posed from the top tier of St. Louis. The result was a rather one-sided strategy that contributed to an eventual loss. Off-season training needs to refocus on a more aggressive stance and the ability to proactively target specific players on an opponent’s team.

So, it is clear to see that many fans will be keeping a close eye on such sites as for all of the latest predictions. Should the Blues tighten up their game, the odds that they will capture the Stanley Cup may drastically improve. Likewise, those who place educated wagers on these matches may be pleasantly surprised in 2014. The road ahead is long and the St. Louis Blues definitely need to readjust their strategy. Nonetheless, with the proper motivation and teamwork they may once again find themselves on the winning side of yet another exciting match with the Kings.