PHOTOS: This is how you prevent field streaking.

Can we stop for a minute and collectively admit that not showing field rushers/streakers on network television is not preventing future acts of malfeasance?  Field rushers don’t care about television face-time.  Or jail time.  It’s about the thrill.  They care about eluding the (usually overweight) field security staff…and those guys aren’t going away any time soon.

Network television should use their resources to help detract field rushers.  Seeing a field rusher get tasered in the jugular…in super slo-mo…in high-definition…at various angles on network television…is going to stick in your mind the next time a few 16-ounce Busch tallboys are telling you to jump that rail.  Anyway, enough of this hullabaloo.

Busch Stadium saw their first field rushers of 2013 on Sunday afternoon and JSF’s Tim Day was there to capture the action again.  Seriously, Tim Day is doing the Lord’s work.  First the Bob Ramsey photo earlier this year, and now this (namely, the 4th pic down).  There’s no Pulitzer Prize for amazing photography that captures the seedy underbelly on St. Louis sports, but there damn well should be.