St. Louis Rams Steadily Becoming Contenders

Fans of the St. Louis Rams will be hoping that this is the season in which their current team finally comes good. A divisional record of 4-1-1 in 2012 showed that this occasionally inconsistent roster of players can more than hold their own against heavy hitters like the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. Being in the same division as teams like that, though, does the Rams’ play-off chances no favors.

Finding an easier division to play in is not a practicable solution to to the Rams’ search for success, though. Anyone who enjoys a bet on the NFL at a site such as will know that, on their day, the Rams can beat anyone. But they can also lose to anyone, as a 7-8-1 overall winning record shows. It should be noted that that record was a significant improvement on the previous season’s 2-14 mark.

The Rams certainly have the quarterback in place who can lead them around the field, though some doubts still remain about Sam Bradford’s true level of ability. Bradford has sometimes struggled to show the form that saw him become the first overall pick in the 2010 draft. It is true that he has never had the kind of attacking options around him that he did in his college days at Oklahoma, though.

Certainly, Rams coach Jeff Fisher is anticipating more from the 25-year-old, who he expects to benefit from having a higher calibre of offensive options around him. If he begins to fulfil his true potential this season, then fans of betting on the NFL may yet get some good value out of Brown.

The Rams’offense was not what it should have been last season, with the offensive line often failing to give Bradford the protection he needs to function at his best. The Rams hierarchy have moved to remedy that situation, and have added Jake Long at left tackle. Long should be able to offer more in support of his quarterback than his predecessor, Jason Smith, could. Smith is now, incidentally, warming up for the start of the new season with the New York Jets, after being traded for Wayne Hunter.

NFL betting fans who show an interest in the Rams in 2013 will hope that Long can show the form he was capable of before 2012. He should still be able to improve the offensive line, after the occasionally abject lows of recent years. He will be helped in the offensive line by new tight end Jared Cook. Cook offers much more than blocking, and will probably be used to run vertical routes, highlighting his power and athleticism as he provides more options for Brown.

Another key addition to the offense is wide receiver Tavon Austin, whose overall mobility is a quarterback’s dream. The highly versatile Austin, who once rushed for 500 yards in a single game while at college, should cause opposing defenses plenty of problems. Add the likes of Chris Givens and Brian Quick, and the attacking options begin to look quite good for the Rams. Anyone looking at the NFL odds for successful offenses during the new campaign should probably give the team a closer look.

Of course, any devotee of NFL online betting will know that teams do not win games simply by being good offensively. Defense is key to any successful football team. The Rams’ poor offense of recent seasons has served to distract many from just how well their defense actually worked. A -49 point differential might not show it, but there are some effective and dynamic performers in this Rams defensive outfit.

Two of the stand-out players have been defensive tackle Michael Brockers and defensive end Robert Quinn. Both of these players are quick and mobile, and are able to reach opposing quarterbacks. They also complement each other well. Kendall Langford, William Hayes and Eugene Sims also add depth and strength to the defensive line. Add in a top linebacker like the evergreen Will Witherspoon, and other players like the occasionally controversial cornerback Janoris Jenkins, and the Rams look good defensively.

NFL online betting fans may yet be rewarded for showing some patience with Jeff Fisher’s men this time around.