Well played, Chicago. Well played.

Over the past 48 hours, many have weighed in with their personal takes on what Stan Musial meant to the game of baseball, the city of St. Louis and humanity in general.  Frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

Considering Musial was overshadowed for most his life, it’s somewhat ironic that gestures from those outside of St. Louis have left such a resounding impact.  24-year old Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg sent his condolences; as did Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.  Comedian Daniel Tosh posted a childhood photo of himself with The Man.  Heck, “Stan Musial” even trended worldwide on Twitter.

But the remembrance that held the most gravitas came from the most unlikely of sources.


That’s Murphy’s Bleachers on Waveland Ave in Chicago, which sits approximately 20-feet from Wrigley Field.  Enemy territory.  Walk anywhere near this location wearing red and white and you’ll be scrubbing Old Style out of your clothes the following morning.

Nevertheless, this Cubs haven swallowed their hatred for anything and everything St. Louis to pay respect to the icon that is Stan Musial.

Well played, Chicago.  Well played.

(HT: @Daniel_Doelling)